Feature Films

THE PHOENIX EFFECT      Multiple Award Winning Scripthttp://phoenixeffect.immmagination.com/PE/The_Story.htmlhttp://phoenixeffect.immmagination.com/PE/The_Story.htmlhttp://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1

A successful film director, cut down at the peak of his career by a near-fatal heart attack, struggles to reinvent himself as a screenwriter, but his new home, which was supposed to be a quiet refuge for writing, has its own story to tell.




Mayor James Riley, like most of the well-to-do's in his city, doesn't believe in zombies. But when a spirited young activist orchestrates a zombie attack that gets Riley bitten, he's left with 6 days to try to save himself from the debilitating zombie disease, and to save his crumbling city from the ever growing zombie hoards.

6x one hour episodes

REST STOPhttp://livepage.apple.com/

Attempting to capture the sense of mystery, wonder and amusement you can only experience at the most unique road-side stops, each self contained episode takes place at a roadside location of the writer’s choosing, incorporating Twilight Zone style twists into plots that range from hauntingly macabre to hilariously mundane.

1/2 hour eps - Now seeking collaborators

4 Seasons of 12x one hour episodes